The following is simply my view and I realize most don't share it. Nonetheless, I find their view immoral just as they find my view to be immoral.

The rape victim already has that baby if she conceived. The question is does she bring it full term to birth it or will she dismember, slaughter it. As a dad of a 12-year-old girl, if she was raped, she wouldn't be doing the latter to her child and my grandchild. The gestational care is up to a doctor, who may want to induce labor or have a C-section if there are complications early on. Viability is around 21 to 22 weeks now and that number continues to drop.

Abortion isn't going to undue the trauma. It's not going to put the toothpaste back in the tube as it were. Abortion only adds to the trauma and guilt of murdering an innocent baby. And there are also life threatening issues to the mother who aborts.
God allows all life, even that from rape, and it's not ours to destroy, particularly innocent life. God must be trusted with whatever He allows in our lives... as difficult as that may be. The rape victim doesn't deserve what happened to her and that's why rapists deserve a severe punishment, but that baby doesn't deserve death based on something it had no culpability for.

Finally, there is always adoption.


R.M. Sivulka

June 30, 2022

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