[I, Rob Sivulka, posted a picture of a frog on Instagram in August 2020, and said, “GLM!” and a leftist friend took the bait:] You know, for a “Christian” you sure can be a horrible person sometimes.

[I replied:] are you denying that Green Lives Matter? If so, that's horrible. https://freethinkingministries.com/if-you-think-racism-is-wrong-you-should-be-a-christian/

[He replied:] I think posts like this show you have no clue what “Black Lives Matter” even means. Or you don’t care. One of the two.

[I replied:] I know they think their biggest problem is police brutality. They've got a bigger problem with themselves when almost all the killings going on in Chicago and NY are black on black. Of course BLM, and that's what the sum total of my posts indicate. But it's also true that all lives matter, since God created all lives. However, of course some matter more than others. Those that matter most are humans, since they are in God's image despite the ethnicity. Since He made them all, it's not anyone's right to take innocent human life. You[r] contrary view on abortion is horrible, and shows that not all lives matter to you.

[He replied:] an embryo is not a human anymore than an acorn is an oak tree. I do indeed support a woman’s right to choose.

[I replied:] we've already had this discussion. The problem is that you are doing exactly what you are wrongly horrified by what I'm doing here. You are equating tree life with human life, and you are valuing the tree stage of the oak nature over it's acorn stage. The oak nature still applies to the acorn and the tree just like the human nature applies to the embryo and the adult. However, the human nature is more valuable than the acorn nature and the frog nature, btw. Of course the embryo in an adult human is human. What, do you think it's a dog embryo? What KIND of embryo is it and is it alive? You also confuse "a human" with an adult stage of a human. There are other stages of being human (e.g., a toddler). Embryo is just the initial stage of being human or any other mammal for that matter. You are very confused and that's why you are in favor of tiny living human beings being killed. You need to submit yourself to Jesus to help straighten you out. He's much smarter than we are. You make a lousy God... Submit to the Name above all other names or you'll miss the Way, the Truth, and the Life and flounder in hopelessness throughout eternity.

and btw, if George Floyd had been aborted, you wouldn't even care. Horrible!

[He replied:] yes, you’re correct there. If George Floyd had never been born, the police wouldn’t have killed him and I wouldn’t care about him because he would never have been born. But there would always be other people, like Elijah McClain, that the police would kill that I would care about.

[I replied:] you're just bigoted against police brutality over mother brutality.

[He replied:] don’t think “bigoted” is the word you’re looking for but, yes, I care more about people who are alive and have been born as opposed to unborn people.

[I replied:] btw, the human embryo's heart starts beating at 21 or 22 days.

[He replied:] I have zero desire to “submit myself” to a dude who died 2,000 years ago and who will NEVER come back to life. Jesus is dead.

Also, I never claimed to be God or a God.

[I replied:] Jesus rose on the 3rd day as the best case from history affi[r]ms. I know you never claimed to be a God, but since you're in charge of your own life, calling your own shots, that's the place you put yourself in. Leaning on your own fallible understanding. I pity and pray for you to come out of your darkness.

[He replied:] thanks. I’ll take all the positive energy sent my way.

[I replied:] love ya man!

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