[My friend posted:] One day ✨✨

#AOC2024 maybe yes plsssss🥺♥️


[I replied:] You are not advocating for life or the weightier matters of the law as Jesus called them in Mat. 23:23. You think her progressivism is more important than protecting babies from being butcher by their moms and there is no excuse for that.


[She replied:] I do not. You do not know what I am for or against. I can align with a lot of what she stands for and still be against some of what she’s for. I am anti abortion for sure. But I’m also pro choice as Jesus has given us free agency and what women do to their bodies is on them and God be the judge for them period.


[I replied:] then you aren't Pro-life. You wouldn't make that same argument for slavery I'm guessing. Slavery needed to be abolished by legal decree and so does all forms of murder. If you don't work to defeat this by choosing Pro-life candidates, then you aren't Pro-life and not upholding the weightier matters of the law. Finally, your pro-choice argument about one's use of one's body does in fact justify murder. You need to change your thinking here.


[She replied:] #iwillnotbelectured... this is what is wrong with a patriarchy-run country meshing it all together when it isn’t that simple. It does not “in fact” justify murder at all. But please tell me what I should and shouldn’t do with my thinking. Have a blessed day.


[I replied:] if you can do it with me, I can do it to you as well. Just what I always tell Mormons. If you don't advocate for the life of the unborn just as we do and even more than human trafficking, then you are not Pro-life and are advocating for some other progressive cause. That needs to change. Fix this and then we can argue about your radical progressive agenda.


[She replied:] I stop commenting when foolish comments hop on..


[I replied:] gaslighting... I know you're familiar with it.


[I replied to her friend and others:] I'm God's servant and He is using me to get you guys to repent. I've had a part to play in that with [my friend] getting out of Mormonism and I'm praying that I'll have a part to play in getting her to change her mind again here.


[She replied:] I got out of Mormonism before I met you..

I appreciate your candor, but I can think for myself... just as I’m thinking for myself here. We are all God’s children and we are serving under Him. I believe there should be a separation and not a complete inclusion of the two topics I addressed much earlier in this thread. I think that’s an issue. And I don’t appreciate you using my p[o]st as a way to sway how I think. I don’t trust men’s opinion on a lot of topics, especially when it doesn’t affect them individually since they don’t have a vagina, a uterus, eggs, etc. There’s no such thing as Christian politics. I stand by what I believe and I don’t think it’s wrong, but I won’t be gaslighted myself. So be blessed and carry on. ❤️ much love and respect to you.


[I replied:] According to your testimony, which I have, my website was instrumental in bringing you out of Mormonism. Love you to[o] sis! "The love of Christ constrains us" (2 Cor. 5:14). Colossians 3:17, NIV: "And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him." I don't think you can glorify God by promoting someone who advocates for the butchering of babies and even voted 80 times for babies being left to die from botched abortions. That is horrific and indicative of one who shouldn't be a leader. 


[Her husband replied:] here’s the thing, you can’t legislate morality. As Christians, our mandate isn’t to force our beliefs on the world. Your disgusting attempt at trying to “change their hearts” is simply a tragic run at your own cult. You don’t have the monopoly on biblical literacy and if the veil was torn and God speaks then He speaks. I don’t recall any passage saying “whatever Rob says is gospel”. Legitimately, you’re kinda sick. But that’s okay, there’s healing at the cross bro. It’s just extremely crucial that you understand that you don’t know what others experiences are and what led them to the conclusion they land at. America isn’t heaven and there’s an argument to be made that demands trying to make it so is ungodly. I haven’t read all of what you posted here because I caught on very early to the fact that the only thing you care about is your opinion/perspective. So I’ll end with echoing what yasmine said. You don’t have a heaven or a hell to put people in. And the nerve of you to say you can pick and choose what issues matter when voting for your preferred candidate but my wife can’t because you deem abortion to be apparently so disgusting just shows your hypocrisy, your idiocy and your double mindedness and the Bible teaches us in James that a double minded man is unstable in ALL his ways. Therefore, you can’t be trusted.... 🤷🏿‍♂️ but I hope you have a great day!!



[I replied:] I'm still a Christian who votes and I will vote my conscience. If I can't vote against murder, I really don't know what I can vote for. You and your wife and everyone else votes their conscience, but that doesn't mean we don't attempt to try to persuade other voters to vote like us. That's what [your wife] did in her OP. You're attempting to persuade me to keep my beliefs to myself. But again, if you can attempt to persuade me, then surely I can attempt to persuade you and others. You should thank me for my site JosephLied.com since that was instrumental in getting your wife out of Mormonism and coming to Christ. Hopefully AbortionIsMurder.Info will change other hearts and minds for the sake of stopping the genocide going on today.


[He replied:] thank you ??? 😂😂😂 you be blessed bro 🤙🏿🤙🏿

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