Let me say the truth here. Would Jews have voted for proponents of the false god Molech, to whom little babies were sacrificed? For me, a vote for Biden is a vote for Molech. Does the fault lay with Evangelical leaders who have failed to inform Christian voters? Regardless of how abrasive and arrogant Trump might appear at time, he still has bravely stood against the murder of babies in the womb. That should have been the primary issue for Christians, and to turn their back on Trump because they found some things about him distasteful, is no excuse for either refusing to vote or voting for those who foster abortion, and will increase it. God will judge those who refused to help those poor unborn children who will have their limbs torn from their bodies, their necks slit, those whom science has proven without a doubt do feel pain in the womb. American Christians who supported the proponents of abortion should hang their heads in shame. I, personally, can have no fellowship with them until they publicly repent.

[I replied:] I really sympathize with this. However, we need to rebuke them in such a way that they will engage with what we have to say, and if publicly, we need to warn others as well. We need to offer some grace to others who have been so brainwashed by society on this issue and just don't think of voting in terms of moral priorities. They think of it more in emotive terms. "Who will least rub me the wrong way even though I certainly disagree with various items that every candidate espouses?" vs. "Who holds to the weightier issues that line up with my Christian faith or the basic principles of morality derived in nature or with at least the Declaration of Independence which was the basis for our Constitution?" I mean, Jews may not have voted for and did not vote for Trump for various other reasons, but that still is irrelevant to the fact of what Jesus talked about concerning the "weightier matters of the law" (Mat. 23:23). Certainly the moral principle of giving to the poor is outweighed by the moral principle of not killing the poor. If people can't see that, then they are defective in their moral reasoning.

So if one isn't properly trained to think in these terms and votes emotively, does that mean we should automatically rule them out as an unbeliever and unfriend them? I don't think so. It requires all of us to do our part in educating a Church that obviously isn't skilled in thinking well about morality, and a subset of that seems to me to be voting.

Sure, many of these Christians will all affirm that abortion is an evil. Good for them. However they fudge on the issue when it comes to voting where it becomes a separate ball game given who the best candidate is in a given situation. Many also think that politics really isn't a realm to best deal with the abortion problem. So they instead focus on underlying issues that contribute to the felt need that abortion is the best alternative. Another tact is to claim a moral equivalency between abortion and not taking care of the poor or any moral issue actually. In their minds, there's no weightier issue here, so it just turns on what they feel is the more important issue *to them.* They think they can't do anything really about abortion anyway, so they may as well do something that they can bring about more good in, and that usually turns out to be taking care of the poor. And in their minds, Democrats do a superior job at that than Republicans.

Under these circumstances, I think they are just confused, and we believers all have blind spots. So I encourage [those who vote for pro-abortion candidates] to repent, but I'm not at all ready to treat [them] as... unbeliever[s] for [their] lousy vote that God will judge [them] for. I don't really know how [a particular individual] justifies [one's] vote that ends up promoting more abortion, but I do know it's bad thinking and a bad vote. And I also know that I also have bad thinking that I'm confused on and I need help sorting it out.

I hope some of these thoughts help! Thanks for your thoughts!


R.M. Sivulka
President, Courageous Christians United

January 9, 2021

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Trevor says... (Reply)
"your disgusting excuse for a human (trump) lost in embarrassing fashion. The man who embodies all seven of the deadly sins (that you literally worship) lost in embarrassing fashion. How about being pro human and not just pro life? You would be taken more seriously if that were the case. As it stands now, you are just an embarrassment." (2/2/21)