In October 2020, a friend posted a meme on his Facebook wall that had a picture of a chalkboard that had written on it around 10 times: "Women Have the Right to Do as They Want With Their Own Bodies." So I, Rob Sivulka, responded:


"You want women to have the legal right to use their bodies to murder you?"


[Friend of my friend replied:] just for them to have the right to make their own choices with their bodies. If you think that's murder, or if you believe that Santa Claus is real, that's on you bro lol


[I replied:] so you are for women choosing to use their bodies to kill others and as men, we can't say anything against that? What sense does that make? by the way, just in case you didn't realize, the body growing inside a mother's body, isn't her body.


[He replied:] get over yourself. Stop wanting to choose what women do with their bodies. It's really creepy


[I replied:] If she uses her body not to care for her 1-year-old and let's her baby die, I as a man can't pass a law against that? Why? And if I can do that, why can't I also pass a law that says a mom can't use her body to butcher her child in her womb?


it's really creepy that you don't care about murder.


[He replied:] it's a fetus lol heck, not even in most cases. How much of an inbred are you?


[I replied:] what kind of a fetus? A dog fetus? If a human, then is it alive? If so, then killing it is killing a living human being.


[He replied:] if the child is born, it is alive. If it ain't, it ain't. Get over it dude. You're still a creep for caring about that more than women's autonomy over their bodies.

this is why people around the world laugh at Americans, because of inbreds like yourself.

You probably think masks infringe on your masculinity too lol what a joke.


dude, the law isn't going to change. Go cry about it to someone who cares about your tears

[I replied:] you don't know embryology 101. No scientist would say the fetus or embryo isn't alive. Of course it is. What being with a beating heart isn't alive? The heart starts beating about day 20. The new being comes into exitence with it's own DNA, and it continues to go through various stages of development throughout its life.

[He replied:] YOU'RE STILL WRONG MY DUDE πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…


[I replied:] sick disregard for life.

[He replied:] how does it feel to be wound up about this, and still not be acknowledged by the Supreme Court?

[I replied:] I'm not the science-denier here.

[He replied to my friend:] I am deeply sorry that you have people like this clown in your life. It really must hurt. Move to Canada when the borders re-open. We still have idiots, but less so.

Rob Sivulka I will leave you to scream about this alone. Ciao! 🀣🀣🀣


[I replied:] powerful reasoning skills here

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