In October 2020, the following dialogued happened on Facebook between Rob and Tara Sivulka and two pro-choice advocates.


[I, Rob Sivulka, stated:] not allowing me to respond to you [pro-choicer 1] on your other thread is a good example of closed-mindedness. Here's what I tried to post on that thread, but couldn't:

"Well I'm glad I got your interest back to open your mind again. 🙂 Of course l realize that not everyone believes the same God as I do. That's their problem. They are still going to hell and need to repent. Abortion is still murder and even atheists may and many do agree with that. Just because we disagree on various issues doesn't entail that we are closed-minded. What is closed-minded is when you refuse to give any arguments for your position and refuse to read what others are trying to warn you about. Again, glad you've come around!

So is fetus a living human being inside a human mother? If it is and you take its life, then how is that not murder?"

[Pro-choicer 2:] men should not have a voice in women’s body or what we do or say get off this thread when you drop a 10 pound baby out of the head of your penis and carry it for 9 months you can have a voice in women’s issues

[I replied:] Like you can't tell me not to murder my 8-year-old daughter since you have no idea what it's like to be a dad. Just because we don't experience the same things doesn't entail we can't know what's right and speak out for what is the moral thing to do. [I]t is evil for you to allow others to murder.

[1:] nobody’s asking you to murder your 8 year old daughter. It’s clearly not the same. There is a time cap on when a woman can have the abortion. Unless later in the pregnancy the baby or mother have fatal risks. If you look at it from a science perspective it’s not immoral. I trust science over beliefs. Anyways, it’s none of your business what a woman does with her body. And you really can’t have an opinion that matters because you wouldn’t be able to even comprehend what it’s like for a women to be in the position. And you’re sitting here trying to tell others they’re evil and they’re going to hell. I’m sure there’s plenty of things your god will question you about so worry about yourself.

[2:] You have no right on this page talking about a women’s voice or her body and saying what you just said is so stupid / you would not have this daughter with out a women and Blah Blah Blah is what I hear when you talk[.] I will only debate with other women as you have no clue what your saying

[I replied to 1:] The primary issue was whether or not being another sex has anything to do with whether I can't speak out on what's morally right. If you can speak out on dads murdering their daughters and not be a dad, then I can certainly speak out on moms murdering their babies.

Of course no one is asking me to murder my kid. That is not the issue. It is the allowance of murder that is the issue. You allow murder inside the womb; do you allow it outside the womb? I'm guessing no, but why not, since you just said it's none of my business how you use your body. You use your body in all sorts of ways. Some are moral and some are immoral. I see no reason why it's not my business on whether you murder your baby or not with your body.

From a science perspective, we know that a whole new living being with its own DNA comes into existence at conception. That is basic embryology. That being continues to grow through each of its stages of development unless it is killed.
There is forgiveness for sin. I have been forgiven for all my sin, since God took it all on the cross for me. He did it for you as well. But if you don't confess it, there's nothing for you to receive. Your greatest need is forgiveness and healing, but as Jesus said, "Unless you repent, you will all likewise perish" (Luke 13:3 and 5).

[I replied to 2:] you are too full of pride and sexist to debate with others not of your sex. Would it help if I tell you that I self-identify as a woman now?

[1:] go watch your Fox News and preach your b[s] to someone dumb enough to listen.

[I replied:] Because you are too close-minded to think deeply about the issues. God will judge you for your lack of humbleness and not wanting to learn from others so that you can be healed.

[1:] I don’t need to be healed.

[My wife Tara:] So only women can defend human life? Thats sad. You are devaluing the role of men and more importantly fathers.

[I replied to 1:] Everyone needs healing. You are in denial and that's why you're going where you want to go... forever away from the Truth. Jesus is waiting for you.

[Tara replied to 1:] so life only matters at a certain stage of development? Please give me the exact moment when life matters. A baby has its own DNA and it’s own body. Why are you devaluing the role of Dads? By not allowing them to have a voice for their baby is sad. You have NO idea what it’s like for Dads so how can you tell them to mind their business.

[1:] I don’t need healing from this. Many other things yes. Not my opinion on this[.] who the actual F... do you think you are to judge me and tell me what I need. Lol go f... yourself.

[I replied to 1:] you're still in denial. The facts are that abortion is murder since it is by definition the intentional taking of an innocent human life. Given your reaction, I'm guessing you've had an abortion. You need to know there is healing for you and your repressed guilt. God will forgive you for it and for justifying others doing it, but you need to own up to the facts or you will continue to go against the way you were meant to live. I love you enough to tell you the truth. Who am I not that I can't warn others? And if you can do it, then certainly I can too.

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